What are our dental patients saying? Come in and visit our Scottsdale dental office – you’ll see why our patients rave about us.

These are actual patients in our practice. Beware of flashy websites using pictures that are commercially available to any dentist willing to pay for them, or software manipulated photos intended to simulate actual dental procedures.

Esthetic dentistry and functional oral rejuvenation is not a commodity item. These procedures are technique sensitive and results vary according to skill, training, and experience of the dentist and the dental team, the skill and experience of the ceramist/technician, materials used, time spent to make a diagnosis of the chewing system, etc.

Would you trust a contractor to restore your home who showed you pictures of houses repaired by somebody else, but who had no pictures of his own work?

Having bad teeth for my whole life, I knew that I would need to find a fabulous dentist. Due to a bad biting problem I have had two full restorations on my whole mouth through Tom. These have been in for about 5-8 years now. They have felt totally natural from the beginning. We want the best health for our lives and so we go to the best doctors.

Tom is more then just a dentist. He is friendly and caring. He provides thorough care for his patients and wants them to be completely informed and comfortable at all times. He provides the best for his patients and will go the extra mile for your dental health and your overall health as well. I cannot even imagine going to somebody that is not as knowledgable.

After seeing numerous other dentists and periodontists I came to Dr. Wais for help with my teeth. I had bone loss and had been told that I was not a candidate for implants. One dentist suggested that I have all of my top teeth extracted. A friend advised that I see Dr. Wais and he told me that he could help me. I almost couldn’t believe it. I had bone loss from a very early age. Not only did Dr. Wais help me, he figured out that my bone loss was caused by a bacteria and treated me for it.

The entire process took about 18 months with a bone graft and implants. He included a vitamin regimen to help in the healing process. I had so little pain with the 5 hour surgery that I wanted him to take an X-ray to show me all of the work that he had accomplished. I was absolutely amazed. Now, there is nothing that I can’t bite into, chew and eat. Dr. Wais was wonderful about explaining up front what he was able to do.

Anyone who is fearful or who has been to see other dentists with less then good results, come and see Dr. Wais. In my opinion there isn’t anybody better.

I had dental implants done about a year before I saw Dr. Wais and there were some serious problems. I was in such pain that I had to come in even though I was afraid to see another dentist. He had to redo everything to keep me from having false teeth. I come in several times a year and I’ve never, ever had a problem.

He’s a wonderful person and a wonderful dentist. He keeps up with the latest technology. He also keeps up with health and nutrition. I’ve had a lot of dentists over the years but Dr. Wais is the best, absolutely the best. He’s better then just a dentist.

TMJ can cause a lot of quality of life issues. The jaw pain can really ruin everything else in your life. I had already had a lot of work done for the TMJ but we found out that there were some issues with ligament tensions. Dr. Wais really understood that. We worked on the blood chemistry and got a lot of the issues figured out. The lesson there is it’s more than just getting the teeth to touch together again. Dr. Wais truly understood. Other doctors never really looked at how nutrition might be playing a role in my TMJ.

We also decided to fix another problem with an implant instead of fixing a broken crown. One of the things I really enjoy about Dr. Wais is that he looks at the long-term goals and the prognosis of your dental work long into the future. I think for the quality of work you are receiving from Dr. Wais, his fee structure is very reasonable.

These therapies can take a long time. I’m willing to go through the long drill to get it right and so is Dr. Wais. If anyone is having neck pain, headaches and jaw pain it’s good to understand that there are other viable ways to manage TMJ besides surgery.

The reason I came to Dr. Wais in the first place was that my family dentist of 25 years closed his practice. That dentist sent out a letter recommending Dr. Tom Wais and I’ve been coming to him ever since. Dr. Wais’s goal is to provide optimum use of your teeth for as long as possible.

He had to lift my sinuses and put in donor bone in my upper jaw before putting in the temporary pins. This process took almost two years. I don’t think I would have had this quality of implants if I had not been working within Dr. Wais’ system.

Dr. Wais is very good at conscious sedation. For me a 7 hour surgery felt like 15 minutes. The implants felt perfectly normal from day one. He keeps up on the latest technology of implants and doesn’t use any short lived fixes on his patients. If someone was contemplating implant dentistry from Dr. Wais I would say don’t hesitate for one moment.