Keeping your teeth healthy with a good diet

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Keeping your teeth in good shape requires basic dental hygiene, but there are a lot of vitamins and minerals that affect your oral health as well. In addition to brushing, flossing, and having regular dental appointments, your diet should be varied enough to cover the basic nutritional needs of your teeth. Vitamins A, C, and..

Plaque, Cavity solutions, and oral hygiene

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On the surface of all your teeth there is actually a gigantic, harmless biosphere of different bacteria called a biofilm, or plaque. This biofilm is a diverse habitat of bacteria colonies, which are attracted to the smooth surface of the teeth. In contrast to virtually all other parts of the body, teeth do not shed..

Teeth grinding symptoms

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Teeth grinding, or Bruxism, is the clenching, grinding, or biting of your teeth. It occurs during the day or night, on purpose or more involuntarily. Commonly found in children, nighttime grinding and chewing on the teeth can cause sensitivity and wear on baby teeth; when adults grind their teeth, the damage is more serious. The..

Can I Make My Smile Look Younger?

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Most people reach a certain age when they wish they could regain some of their more youthful features they may have lost as time has passed. Of course, a big part of that is our smile. As we go through life, becoming more and more accomplished professionally, we sometimes find that we have greater monetary..

What to do if Your Teeth are Wearing Out

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A lot of people know what it is like to get old. Their back gets a little stiffer, they lose a bit of the spring in their step, and of course, their teeth can start to wear out. A big factor in that is how well you have taken care of your teeth throughout your..

Four Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

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Everyone has seen the commercials on television with smiling faces and promises of instant, fabulously white teeth. Most people feel there is not much truth in what they are saying. Is it actually possible to get teeth that are that white so quickly and easily? Take a look at this video, where we will reveal..

Great Dental Care Even Away From Home!

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Everyone finds that at one time or another they are going to need to travel. Most of us have not considered the possibility of needing dental care while away from home. Many people live in remote areas, such as somewhere in the country. Is it still possible to get the kind of care you need?..

Did My Dentist Do a Good Job?

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Without a doubt, a lot of people have asked themselves that same question. People would always like to believe that they are receiving the best care possible from their dentist. But is it possible to be sure? It is not an easy task to take a look inside your own mouth and determine if the..

Are We Accepting New Patients?

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Have you ever made a phone call to a dentist’s office in search of treatment for yourself or a family member only to find out that the dentist was not accepting any patients? How can that be? Does that not seem absurd? Well, funny or not, it happens all the time! Want to find out..

Do I Have to go to a Specialist?

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There is a broad range of dental practitioners that specialize in a specific field of dentistry. Depending on your situation, you may not know whether or not you require general dental care, or if specialist is needed. Though these instances are rare, it is still extremely important to be properly informed about your treatment options..